Who was going for gold this week?

Congratulations to Ramzi and Rahaf for receiving the class Gold Awards this week. Rahaf was amazing in English when she rewrote the story of Goldilocks and Ramzi did incredible reasoning in Maths. We are very proud of them both.


Map Reading

Today in Geography we have been learning how to read a simple map. We looked at the key and discovered that there was some treasure marked by a red x which we had to find. We went into the forest area and searched until Rahaf discovered the treasure hidden under a tyre. Well done Rahaf!

Traffic light game 

Today the Investigators enjoyed sharing and practising ball skills.

Each child took turns passing the ball to a friend 


1-Hands together in front of chest to pass the ball.

2-Say your friends name.

3-Pass the ball ready for your friend to receive.

4-Have fun. 

When Mr. Riley held the red traffic light up the children had to freeze holding the ball high. When Mr. Riley held the green traffic light up the children could go passing the ball back round. 

Thanks for another great PE lesson. 

Mr. Riley 

Computers this morning was fun.

We have had an ICT lesson this morning. We have learned how to use the paint programme to draw characters from the story of  Goldilocks and The Three Bears. Each week we learn a new skill to help us get even better when using ICT. Today we learned how to use the back button and how to save our pictures to a specific file. Take a look at some of our fantastic pictures below.

Moving and Balancing 

Wow what a great PE lesson. 

Today the Investigators contiued balancing in different ways through watching two videos ‘Just dance’ and ‘Cosmic kids’. 

Why not ask your child to show you different ways to balance and move. Have a try yourself. Please remember your child needs their PE kit every Wednesday and Thursday it is so important. 

Thanks again for a great PE lesson Investigators. I can’t wait until next week. 

Mr. Riley